Landmark Towers

Verified Views for Landmark Towers
Landmark Tower Verifed Views and Photomontages
We can create verified views and photomontages for landmark towers and large urban developments. This includes schemes covering urban environments right through to cultural destinations. We ensure that the design intent is accurately and professionally communicated at all stages of the project.
Landmark Towers 01

Wireframe ModellingDeveloping the model.

The proposal drawings are accurately converted into a 3D CAD model, creating a wireframe of the structure.

Landmark Towers 02

Adding the DetailMaterials and Lighting.

Materials are added to the wireframe model to give an accurate impression of what it will look like when complete; a lighting system is setup to match the original photo.

Landmark Towers 03

Verified ViewAVR3.

The 3D model and original photo are merged to create an accurate visualisation of the proposal; for use in planning, consultation, and marketing.