Our Process

How we create Verified Views and Photomontages
Photography & Survey

Photography & SurveyCapturing the surveyed photos.

We go on site to take high resolution photos from the selected locations. For verified views we also capture survey information to ensure complete accuracy to +/- 20mm.

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Modelling & Camera MatchingSetting up the virtual model

We can create a model of the proposals from scratch or work with anything that can be provided. We'll then develop virtual cameras to match the photos taken on site.

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View Creation & IssueExporting the views

The model renders will then be masked into the base photos to give an accurate impression of what the scheme will look like. Finally we issue in different formats, dependent on requirements.

Our methodology is compliant with relevant sections of:

The Landscape Institute Guidelines for Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment: 3rd edition (April 2013)

Landscape Institute Advice Note (January 2011) Photography and Photomontage in Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment.


Specific viewpoints are usually determined by the client or the local planning authority, but we can offer advice on shot selection. We can prepare a ZTV (Zone of Theoretical Visibility) model to help determine visibility in the surrounding area – this adds to the compilation of data available for any outputs.

Once the views have been determined, we go on site to take the high resolution photos with a full frame camera. Records are taken such as the time of day, date, and weather conditions to ensure accurate modelling later in the process.


Site Survey

Whilst on site, we have a qualified surveyor working alongside us. They will take GPS readings for the camera location and control points (points within the photo that can be aligned with the 3D model) using highly accurate GPS systems. The information collected is then cross referenced with topographical surveys and OS data - so that we can place the photo accurately within the virtual space of the model.


3D Modelling

Three dimensional CAD designs. These 3D CAD models can be used for all sorts of different purposes; we need to make sure it’s fit for the purposes of the visualisations - for instance fitting in with the contours of the wider site. We can either work with the client’s existing model – or create one from scratch, with the use of 2D drawings and/or sketches together with any available topographic survey


Camera Matching

The information provided by the surveyor will be used to match the virtual cameras with the physical cameras used on site; virtual control points corresponding to each photo will be aligned with the photographed control points within the base photo. Precise information about the camera, lens, and field of view, resolution will also be matched.


View Creation & Rendering

The modelled view will be will overlaid onto the original photograph and all objects, including building, walls, cars, trees, plants will be masked out to place the model accurately in the image. A lighting system will be setup to accurately mirror the site conditions.



All viewpoints will be compiled within a document showing each viewpoint and each output associated with it. All information about the camera, photograph, and location will be presented next to each view together with accurate viewing distances. For verified view packages, a project specific methodology will be issued detailing the process carried out by Room60 in completing the work.

Information we need from you to get started?
  • View location information (we can help with this)
  • Plans detailing the proposed development, hand drawn or CAD
  • Information on planting
  • Any available topographic plan
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