ZTV Assessments

Zone of Theoretical Visibility (ZTV) Assessments
ZTV Assessments for Verifed Views and Photomontages
We can prepare a ZTV (Zone of Theoretical Visibility) model to help determine visibility of a proposal within the surrounding area. This shows where and where it isn't visible and adds to the compilation of data available for any outputs.
ZTV Assessments 01

Visibility of listed buildingZTV Assessment.

ZTV using OS Digital Surface Model (DSM). This is effectively a 'bare-earth' assessment, and doesn't take into account features in the landscape above ground level, that may obscure a view.

ZTV Assessments 02

Visibility of listed buildingZTV Assessment.

ZTV using the newly availble liDAR Digital Terrain Model (DTM) to give an accurate impression of visibility including landscape features such as trees, hedges, and buildings.

ZTV Assessments 03

Visibility of proposalsZTV Assessment.

A ZTV combined with digital terrain model that shades and hightlights the undulating topography. Here it is used to show how viewpoints have been selected from local highpoints, and surrounding conurbations.